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We  create stories with impact!

Flirt Films is a Canadian production company committed to delivering compelling, creative, and impactful storytelling experiences. With a focus on profitable entertainment, inspiration, and empowerment, we have established ourselves as a sought-after partner for acclaimed filmmaker Patricia Chica, contributing to her award-winning productions that have been showcased in over 300 festivals in the past 2 decades.


Our company ethos is grounded in delivering socially-conscious messages into artistic vision, creating cinematic experiences that resonate with diverse audiences worldwide. From project inception to distribution, Flirt Films employs a holistic approach, reflecting our dedication to chi energy awareness, green sustainability, diversity and queer inclusion, and international relevance—all proudly made in Québec.


Our recent filmography includes award-winning projects such as the thought-provoking short films Ceramic Tango," “Serpent’s Lullaby,” “A Tricky Treat,” and "Morning After," the theatrically released feature "Montréal Girls,"  the evocative drama "Bougainvillea," and the Queer LatinX TV series "Soleil & Luna."


As a proud member of the CMPA, Flirt Films has garnered support from key industry organizations, including Telefilm Canada, the Canadian Media Fund, Sodec, Hollywood Suite, OUTtv, EAVE, National Screen Institute, Reelworld, Coalition M.É.D.I.A., and the Canadian Trade Commissioner in Los Angeles.

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