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We  create stories with impact!

At Flirt Films, we are passionate about creating cinematic experiences that entertain, inspire, and empower viewers. Our commitment to diversity, authenticity and higher consciousness has made us a sought-after partner for acclaimed filmmaker Patricia Chica, as well as for her own award-winning productions that have graced nearly 300 festivals.

By interweaving socially-conscious messages with artistic vision, we create a profound cinematic experience that resonates with audiences worldwide.

From conception to distribution, Flirt Films approaches every project with a holistic mindset that reflects our commitment to chi energy awareness, green sustainability, queer inclusion and international relevance, all made in Québec. Our recent projects include the captivating short film "Morning After," the ravishing feature "Montréal Girls,", the lyrical drama
"Bougainvillea", and the queer TV series "Soleil & Luna."

Join us on our mission to transform the world through soulful storytelling and global impact.

Flirt Films is a proud member of the CMPA and has received support from Telefilm Canada, the Canadian Media Fund, Sodec and the Canadian Trade Commissioner in Los Angeles.

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