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Soleil & Luna

8 x 60' Television Dramedy Series

(In Development for OUT TV)

SOLEIL & LUNA is a Queer/LatinX, fast-paced, bold and edgy half-hour drama series.

When French Canadian Soleil (23) moves to Tinsletown to escape his controlling dad, he meets Luna (19), a magnetic Latina who instigates their pursuit of sexual freedom and self-realization while they both deal with the demands of family and societal expectations in the post #MeToo pandemic world.

Created by Patricia Chica for OUTtv


• NETFLIX-BANFF Diversity of Voices Program

• FIN Partners Co-Production & Co-Financing Market

• BIPOC Showrunner Bootcamp

• CMPA International Co-Production Program

• CMPA - Pitches In Los Angeles

• Creative Canadian Accelarator

• Proof-Of-Concept: Winner, Studio City Int'l Film Festival

• Canada Media Fund - CMF

• SODEC Market Funding



Queer coming of age drama with a hint of magical realism.

(In Development)

Reunited by fate, two long-lost childhood female friends embark on a surreal journey of self-exploration, unraveling the mysteries of a queer love letter that had abruptly ended their relationship. As they uncover the truth, they come to understand how a single fateful decision could alter the past, reshape the present, and redefine the future, in one single moment of eternity.

Created by Patricia Chica

"The title BOUGAINVILLEA came to me during meditation, as it’s the name of my favorite flower. It’s also a plant that serves as a metaphor for the relationship between Marisol and Salomé. Salomé will express it very well in the script: “The Bougainvillea is beautiful, yet deceiving at the same time. The colorful blossom covers hidden thorns. They’re high maintenance... if you want to own them... and the more you water them, the more they drown. You have to let them dry under the sunshine, but not too much either, just the right dose of care to keep them flourishing and alive.” - Patricia Chica

With the financial support of:

• SODEC (Aide à la création émergente)

• Telefilm Canada (Producers Without Borders - EFM)


Chi Energy


(In Post-Production)

A short documentary that shows the unique process of coaching actors with Chi Energy and other mindful techniques.

Directed by Noa Blanche Beschorner

Filmed by Noa Blanche Beschorner, Géovanny Solis

Field Camera: Sophia Benalouane, Sandrine Maltais and Walid Ghodbane

Interviewers: Sophia Benalouane, Joshua Bilbao

Associate Producer: Sophia Benalouane

Assistant-Director: Sarah Valiquette

Edited by Noa Blanche Beschorner

Additional Editing by Tamara Gustinvil

California Unit:

Glenn Howard

Antonio Ceja

With Patricia Chica, Hakim Brahimi, Jasmina Parent and other contributors.

With the support of:

• Telefilm Canada

• Collège O'Sullivan

• Université de Montréal

Special thanks:

• Two Gay Geeks

• Steven MacDonald


Do I Jump Or Not?
(Je saute ou pas?)

Dramatic Short Film, 20 min.

(In Advanced Development)

Élise, 11, must juggle between two realities: that of the dreamy little girl in search of freedom, and that of her mother Marianne, whose state of mental health is deteriorating beyond repair. Do I jump or not? is inspired by events experienced by the author.

Screenwriter: Laure Fleurent

Producer & Director: Patricia Chica

Associate Producer: Sophia Benalouane

Development Producer: Joshua Bilbao

E.P.: Byron A. Martin

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