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Soleil & Luna

8 x 60' Television Dramedy Series

(In Development for OUT TV)

SOLEIL & LUNA is a Queer/LatinX, fast-paced, bold and edgy half-hour drama series.

When French Canadian Soleil (23) moves to Tinsletown to escape his controlling dad, he meets Luna (19), a magnetic Latina who instigates their pursuit of sexual freedom and self-realization while they both deal with the demands of family and societal expectations in the post #MeToo pandemic world.

Created by Patricia Chica for OUTtv

Written by Anil Kamal, Hope Thompson, Patricia Chica


• NETFLIX-BANFF Diversity of Voices Program

• FIN Partners Co-Production & Co-Financing Market

• BIPOC Showrunner Bootcamp

• CMPA International Co-Production Program

• CMPA - Pitches In Los Angeles

• Creative Canadian Accelarator

• Proof-Of-Concept: Winner, Studio City Int'l Film Festival

• Canada Media Fund - CMF

• SODEC Market Funding



Queer coming-of-age drama with a hint of magical realism.

(In Packaging & Financing)

On the eve of her wedding to her Egyptian fiancé, Marisol reconnects with Céleste, her long-lost German childhood friend. Together, they embark on a surreal journey of self-exploration, unraveling the mysteries of a queer love letter that had abruptly ended their relationship. As the wedding day approaches, Marisol discovers family secrets that jeopardize her decision and challenge her beliefs. It's then that she will make a fateful decision that will make sense of her present and redefine her future.

A film by Patricia Chica

The film is a cinematic exploration of the concept of quantum jumping, taking the audience on a wild and emotional ride. The story is deeply personal and inspired by the author's life experience growing up in a conservative Salvadorian family and her daydream escapades.


With stunning visuals and a powerful soundtrack, #BougainvilleaMovie presents a story of self-discovery, empowerment, and defying the odds.


With heart, soul, and drama, the film will resonate with anyone who has ever felt stuck or powerless, inspiring them to take control of their destiny and align with their true self.

With the financial support of:

• SODEC (Aide à la création émergente)

• Canada Media Fund

• Hollywood Suite


• National Screen Institute

• Telefilm Canada (Producers Without Borders - EFM)

• Reelworld

• Netflix BANFF Diversity of Voices


Chi Energy


(In Post-Production)

A short documentary that shows the unique process of coaching actors with Chi Energy and other mindful techniques.

Directed by Noa Blanche Beschorner

Filmed by Noa Blanche Beschorner, Géovanny Solis

Field Camera: Sophia Benalouane, Sandrine Maltais and Walid Ghodbane

Interviewers: Sophia Benalouane, Joshua Bilbao

Associate Producer: Sophia Benalouane

Assistant-Director: Sarah Valiquette

Edited by Noa Blanche Beschorner

Additional Editing by Tamara Gustinvil

California Unit:

Glenn Howard

Antonio Ceja

With Patricia Chica, Hakim Brahimi, Jasmina Parent and other contributors.

With the support of:

• Telefilm Canada

• Collège O'Sullivan

• Université de Montréal

Special thanks:

• Two Gay Geeks

• Steven MacDonald


Dramatic Feature Film, 94 min.

In Theatres June 2023 | On V.O.D. September 2023

A Middle-Eastern medical school student, new to Montreal, puts his relationship with his father at risk when he forfeits his education after being forever changed by two young women who help him see his destiny.

MONTRÉAL GIRLS follows a young man’s journey and his quest for love and enlightenment while discovering his true calling along the way. 

A film by Patricia Chica

Written by: Patricia Chica & Kamal John Iskander

Produced by: Bahija Essoussi & Samuel Gagnon (Objectif 9) in association with Patricia Chica (Flirt Films)

Distributed by Filmoption International (Canada) and Level 33 Entertainment (USA).

Supported by: Telefilm Canada, SODEC, Harold Greenberg Fund, National & Provincial Tax Credits.

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