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Consultation & Coaching

Storytelling consulting and feedback.

You have a script, a pitch document or a rough cut that you want to have an award-winning storyteller and coach help you improve? Flirt Films' team has over 45 years of cumulative experience to help you achieve the best story possible.

Market Analysis


Consultation & Coaching

No goal is achieved without a customized, effective and proven strategy. Whether that is for your marketing, public relations, promotion, and film festival distribution, we have access to the latest information, resources, industry connections, tools and partnerships to accompany you in surpassing your goals.

If you're a foreign producer looking to film in Canada, we can definitely support you as your local fixer through our local resources and support system.



Training, Coaching and Accountability

Every person in our team, our entourage of collaborators or from our clients' pool has reached their goals thanks to the proper mindset. We produce all of our films with a high-performance state of mind and the use of a creative process called Chi Energy, involving the application of the laws of nature and the six senses. Our goal is to tell stories that impact and transform both audiences and also its creators. When you collaborate with us, you will be exposed to the application of conscious practices, mindfulness, inclusion, and diverse perspectives. That's how we "flirt" at Flirt Films.

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